Before making the booking it is mandatory to log in with the credentials in your possession or create a new personal account, otherwise the order will not be successful

Please remember that children under 12 years of age are not allowed on the track.
Minors aged 12 and over who have a license and completed forms will be able to participate in the free trials


Racer #1

Cremona Circuit Free Bike Practise:

Time slots:

Summer opening hours 9.00 - 13.00 / 14.00 - 18.00


€ 140 half day
€ 190 full day

The reservation is considered concluded only when the entrance ticket arrives at the email address provided at the time of booking.

Data Protection Program

Retrieve your booking in any case and with any eventuality:

Adverse weather conditions.
Track with "wet asphalt", "wet asphalt" or "not perfectly dry".
Any reasons why you can't attend the date or don't feel like getting on the track.

It is possible to use the voucher within 365 days from the date of issue of the ticket.

The protection expires once the participant signs the Circuit Regulation, declaring to accept the conditions of the track and renouncing any voucher.


30 € half day
30 € full day

It should be noted that the payment of the given insurance allows the insured package to be recovered once. To take advantage of the insurance also for recovery, it is necessary to pay the insurance fee again.

The Data Protection program covers bookings for any eventuality (rain, unforeseen work, family unforeseen events, date shifts etc ...)

It must be stipulated at the same time as the booking.

The latter can also be added to bookings with "recovery vouchers" as long as they are of full amount (eg € 120.00- € 170.00 - € 140.00 - € 190.00)

If the "recovery voucher" is not of equal amount at the price of a half-day midweek or weekend, full day midweek or weekend, the protection given cannot be stipulated on the reservation.

Bookings with "recovery vouchers" must be made directly online; simply enter the code shown on the recovery voucher on the checkout page.

We remind you that bookings with recovery vouchers made without date protection cannot be moved or canceled, as the voucher will be canceled and it will no longer be possible to use it again.




Make sure

Users of the circuit, as drivers of cars, motorcycles or karts, both owned by the Contractor and owned by the users themselves; provided that their access is registered in the appropriate official registers of the Contractor and these registers must contain the personal data of the user, access time, type of vehicle used, if owned by the user or if owned by the Contractor and exit time .

Definition of injury

An accident is considered to be any event due to a fortuitous, violent and external cause that produces objectively ascertainable personal injuries resulting in death or total or partial permanent disability.

Operation of the guarantee

The guarantee is valid exclusively for accidents suffered by the Insured while using the track owned by the Contractor, provided that everything is done in full compliance with the Contractor's rules and regulations and with the established protections.

The RCT hedging value is € 1,500,000.00

B: The operation of the coverage is subject to immediate recourse to the Emergency Department

Seat Availability Legend

Other Information

It is possible that on certain days only shift bookings are available, for information call the racetrack number.

To book a box or a shared box seat, please send an email to or contact the acceptance box on the day of booking

For more information, please call the racetrack telephone number 0375350359 or write to us in the dedicated area of ​​the Customer Service website.

Green: 30 or more places available
Yellow: less than 30 places available
Red: 0 places available